The Unspoken War And How it Can Be Won

The Unspoken War And How it Can Be Won

There’s a war going on, and you don’t even know it.

Cryptos are under attack on four fronts. Financially, regulatorily, socially, and of course technologically.

To provide reasonable evidence for the financial attack is easy. Derivatives upon derivatives are ostensibly what collapsed the banks in 2008. The proven tool of manipulation is a one hour price fixing window. Bitcoin arguably doesn’t have one, but they’re trying.

On the regulatory attack front chief villain is of course Jay Clayton. He himself is a former lawyer to elite banks and bankers, and is married to a Goldman Sachs banker.

He has not missed any opportunity to do the utmost to restrict the rise of natively digital banking. Yet failed he has in some ways but more attempts are to be expected.

On the social front the picture is a lot more complex, but divide and conquer has always been the name of the game.

Technologically, the lack of capacity a decade on is perhaps the one attack that could succeed. Thankfully, coming up with a solution to it is open to anyone.

Taken in isolation, neither is a cause for much concern. Nor can combining them be achieved for a set of very complex reasons.

Let’s start with the government. Naturally they would like to order central banks to print money through stealth taxation for the short term pleasure of oligarchs and for the slow enslavement of the rest.

Cryptos put some break on that, and they might like such break or not like it. For the former, because a discipline anchor can be useful. For the latter, because an alternative can potentially loop speed crash a fall in trust.

So the aim of government arguably is to restrict it as much as possible while not quite eliminating it, with that freedom space varying from the China sort to the European way.

Yet the government is not a monolith. In America, it is run by bankers and their servers. To bankers crypto is something to be crushed, but is also something that can’t be crushed.

It can’t be crushed because it’s just code, so the aim is to limit it, but not to such extent that the frog jumps.

It is in tech perhaps where the best predicament can be shown. Here too there’s a merger of the above mentioned where corporate tech is concerned.

Corporate tech naturally hates crypto. It might disrupt them, it might shake them up, it might drain their talent. Yet they can’t fight it for to fight it would be to fight themselves.

And so where the social aspect is concerned, in their attempts to divide and conquer, they have divided themselves.

If we combine the above four forces and isolate them to America, to at least counterbalance them would be as easy as lobbying France, which by extension means Europe.

The proud people of Europa detest the arrogance of the American oligopoly which claims global jurisdiction and even enforcement in their own lands.

More concretely, France and Europe is desperate for tech talent and knowhow. They’d be only too happy to have an excuse to break up Apple for example. Or Google, which some call gulag.

It’s an opportunity of a very unique kind for Americans themselves detest both companies to a great extent, especially the latter.

They detest them instinctively. Too big, too controllable by shadowy figures, too arrogant, too suffocating.

And so if Europe moved, the barkings of Trump would be weak. They would be weak because US needs Europe, even existentially, and presumably because America does have some smart men who might think it better we lead the revolution rather than peasants.

For if all these forces could unite and as one act, then cryptos might fall but something very, very different would rise. Something that is attempting to rise even now.

Hence it is in the interest of Europe in particular, but also other jurisdictions, to see the real weakness and the real strength and accordingly act with some urgency.

For there are many, many, many battles going on. Not by gun, nor by pen, but as predicted, the next real war will be fought by bots.

Well, welcome to the bot wars. The show has just began. The sides are two, as always. Choose wisely, for it is atoms that are at work.

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