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Bitcoin Now 8th Largest World Currency!

⚡️Our Lightning Mobile App for iOS & Android Is Now on Mainnet!⚡️

If you haven't tried Lightning yet, nows the time! Lightning Labs releases their Lightning Mobile Ap...

The world's cheapest Bitcoin full node is now a Lightning Network hub --- and still pretty cheap!

Nice answer from Pomp to Stiglitz: "Bitcoin is more transparent than US dollars. And US dollars enab...

How Bitcoin solved a 160 year old problem

Bitcoin Tops $9,000 as Crypto Rally Trounces Stocks, Bonds, Gold and Oil

Those who don't own bitcoin yet are just being procrastinators.

Craig Wright ordered by judge to prove he is creator of bitcoin. Guess Craig will be exposed for the...

Bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

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MetLife Plans To Disrupt $2.7 Trillion Life Insurance Industry Using Public Ethereum Blockchain

Partnership between Kappture Labs and Nano is Official

BBC News: Facebook urged to pause Libra crypto-currency project.

Cloudflare launches Ethereum Gateway

You can use your crypto to buy truly raw, unprocessed, natural honey from this awesome bee-keeper fr...

Hydro Pay, the first feeless ERC20 P2P payments app, will launch on the Google Play Store on the 29t...

Interview with Peercoin's Project Leader and President of the Peercoin Foundation

V-ID (VIDT) partners with AmSpec. Will validate 50,000 inspection reports per month

Crypto industry leaders Binance, Bancor, Bitfinex & BitMEX are blocking U.S. customers due to regula...

Facebook's new Libra Blockchain will be a centralized bank but way more dangerous. It will allow for...


Oh man

Not your keys, not your crypto....

#1016 Die deutschsprachigen Steem- & Kryptoartikel des heutigen Tages (Donnerstag, 30.06.2022) - Mit...

SEC Rejects Grayscale Bitcoin ETF, Grayscale sues SEC

This was written when Bitcoin was $14 a coin...

Someday they will understand...

2022 年 6 月 30 日的加密新闻

ABBIAMO già toccato il FONDO? Probabilmente NO...

STOCKS SET TO DROP. Pan-Selloff. Important Updates. Markets, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, MORE! Mannarino

山寨币新闻 2022 年 6 月 28 日