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Bitcoin Tops $9,000 as Crypto Rally Trounces Stocks, Bonds, Gold and Oil

Those who don't own bitcoin yet are just being procrastinators.

Craig Wright ordered by judge to prove he is creator of bitcoin. Guess Craig will be exposed for the...

Bitcoin billionaires Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

I wrote a simple explainer of Erlay: An awesome performance improvement to the Bitcoin network

Btc at 9400

Vegeta voice actor Brian Drummond lends his voice in service of a meme

Quick, everyone is still asleep!

The last time Bitcoin shot past 1 million daily active addresses was November, 2017. It just did it...

lnd v0.7.0-beta-rc1

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Self-Sovereign Credit Scores; A blockchain-based, global credit system

Ripple confirm Moneygram use of XRP with Xrapid software.

Ripple announces official partnership with Moneygram!! Focused on xRapid and leveraging XRP for paym...

ERC-1155: The Final Token Standard on Ethereum

Court orders Craig Wright to prove he's Satoshi Nakamoto, today!

Andreas Antonopoulos believes banks are about to 'lose a whole generation of customers'

Brickblock launches its funds management brand, ScalingFunds

Ubisoft is reportedly exploring blockchain applications for games

Major international online privacy regulations threatened by upcoming vote on “virtual assets”

Blockchain technology has successfully invaded the consciousness of the public and build its status....