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Less than a decade ago, 10,000 bitcoin bought you a pizza. Today, 10 will buy you a car. Five years...

EU fines Mastercard over €570 million for high fees

Over $3.3 trillion was sent using bitcoin in 2018 -- more than 6x the volume sent using Paypal.

Internet broke the monopoly on knowledge. Bitcoin broke the monopoly on finance.

Zimbabwe Government Shuts Down Internet, Backfires Spectacularly Affecting Economy

Elizabeth Stark: it's not a "bear" market, it's Lightning spring. ????

Over $2.2 trillion worth of bitcoin was traded in 2018 -- More than 6x what the national currency of...

They've already updated the Coinstar machines. I took a picture today

Beer can now be bought using Lightning at our Leipzig Bitcoin Meetup

Hackers broke into an SEC database and made millions from inside information, says DOJ. (Buy they do...

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R3 announces 5 year deal with ING (uses XRP for settlement)

Nasdaq CEO Says Bitcoin and Crypto Could Become the 'Global Currency of the Future'

Enjin Wallet Integrates Kyber To Enable In-Wallet Token Swaps

Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork To Be Implemented In February

Collaboration between VeChain & @ONEChampionship announced on stage during Binance Conference by @ms...

More than 80% of ICO's launched in 2017/8 Were Scams, STO's is the new form of ICO, backed by strict...

At the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, @rgrottola of DNV GL introduces himself to the Nati...

Sam Patterson: "There are many reasons to be excited about OpenBazaar right now - a new mobile app i...

Russian institutions back proposal to let companies use cryptocurrency. Economy Ministry, high ranki...

At the Italian Minister of Economic Development, @rgrottola introduces himself to the national block...


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steem coin are you crazy for smt

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