Uniswap Dark (UNID) Next Generation Defi protocol with Ultimate Security Futures, Token Pre-Sale is Now Live

Uniswap Dark (UNID) Next Generation Defi protocol with Ultimate Security Futures, Token Pre-Sale is Now Live

In terms of its operability, UniswapDark is also designed to work in a similar way to Curve.However, its overall user interface is arguably more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. To start with, users are required to connect their hard/soft wallets to the app, after which UniswapDark makes use of a smart order routing protocol to route users’ trades to the pools that provide the best rate possible.

In layman’s terms, one can think of UniswapDark’s native monetary pools as being self-balancing index funds, which incentivize users for increasing the platform’s liquidity instead of charging them a fee. It is right to say that the uniswap dark is a direct alternative to Uniswap to mitigate Impermanent loss. Instead of double conversion, it lets you swap directly to your stable coin or other supported assets.

Token Sale:

UniswapDark is one of the few exchange protocols has a Limited token supply. We talking about only 1000000 UNID minted & will be distributed to the community through our Airdrops and Pre-sale.

UNID will be the primary token used in the uniswapdark chain, just like the UNI used in Uniswap, the opening listing price of UNID will be $6 and also our token will be lested on Uniswap & BitHumb & Bitmax & Kucoin and more before the end of the year and UniswapDark also will made some big announcements

Presale link : https://uniswapdark.com/presale or use this link : https://telegra.ph/UNISWAP-DARK-PRE-SALE-IS-LIVE-10-22

Uniswapdark Tokennomics : Token Type : ERC-20 Token symbol : UNID Token Name : Uniswapdark Contract : 0x8dcD6fC37e672DA95c83f3323df62127e245fd3B Total Supply : 1000000 UNID Circulating Supply : 200000 UNID Initial Uniswap Liquidity : 150000 UNID UNID for Pre-sale : 250000 UNID Team Tokens : 50000 UNID Marketing & Development : 200000 UNID Airdrops : 350000 UNID

Uniswap Dark Community :

Website : https://uniswapdark.com Telegram Group : https://t.me/uniswapdarkprotocol Official twitter : https://twitter.com/uniswapdark Email : [email protected]

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