KuCoin’s Futures Platform KuMEX Launches a Lite Version

KuCoin’s Futures Platform KuMEX Launches a Lite Version

The second difference is the trading interface. On KuMEX Lite, users just need to input the order amount, then decide on the leverage and long/short to place an order. In addition, what they input for each order is the amount of money rather than the number of slots, making it more friendly for novice traders.

The third change is the advent of analytic tools. KuMEX Lite provides a long-short ratio to help users understand the latest market sentiments. It also provides a revenue calculator to help calculate the return with different principals, leverages and strategies. In addition, revenue ranking on KuMEX Lite can provide insights regarding other traders’ strategies and ROI, resulting in a more advanced trading strategy.

KuCoin CEO Michael Gan said, “Due to the high risk and complexity of Bitcoin futures trading, currently only a few professional investors have been involved. In the crypto world, the transaction volume of derivatives is only about half that of the spot market, but in the traditional finance world, derivatives have always been a bigger market than the stock market. KuCoin has always wanted to launch a simple, secure, and accessible futures platform for everyone, and KuMEX Lite is our very courageous attempt at this. Through many innovations, we hope to empower more traders to give Bitcoin futures a try, maximizing their investment returns.”

KuMEX users now can freely switch between the Lite version and the Pro version. The two versions will share the market depth and liquidity. The matching engine of KuMEX will ensure a consistent, secure and stable trading experience across the two versions.

KuMEX was independently developed by the KuCoin team and officially launched on July 8, 2019. In order to introduce Bitcoin futures to more people, the Bitcoin Perpetual Contract on KuMEX has a value of 1 USD, while most platforms are usually 100 USD. Also, KuMEX offers 0 poundage principle for Makers, encouraging users to provide liquidity to the platform through making the market. KuMEX currently supports 13 languages including English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, etc.


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source: https://blockchain-press-releases.com/kucoins-futures-platform-kumex-launches-a-lite-version/

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