Newegg Has Added Bitcoin Support for Another 73 Countries

Newegg Has Added Bitcoin Support for Another 73 Countries

Bitcoin was first introduced as a payment option on the platform on July 2014, right after it implemented the option for Canadian users.

“Five years ago, we were one of the first major online shopping destinations to accept Bitcoin, and our early-adopter customers were quick to embrace this new payment option,” stated Newegg’s President of Global Sales, Anthony Chow.

Making the service available to an additional 73 countries “underscores our commitment to bring innovation to the online shopping experience, and answers customers’ growing preference for our Bitcoin payment option.”

Newegg’s users are able to buy with Bitcoin products through its partnership with BitPay, a bitcoin payment processor.

The chief commercial officer at BitPay, Sonny Singh, stated in the press release that:

“Bitcoin allows users to send and receive money just as easy as sending an email, opening up opportunities for businesses and consumers globally as a secure, low-cost transactional option for the merchants. Newegg was among the first companies to see this opportunity and has continued to expand its Bitcoin acceptance to nearly all of its customers around the world.”

According to Newegg, the BitPay integration enables them to increase their earnings on each bitcoin purchase as they do not have to pay for credit card fees.

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