Brave Browser to Develop Crypto Wallet

Brave Browser to Develop Crypto Wallet

The source code is based on Chromium—Google’s open-source web browser. Brave has an ad-blocker just like the browser Chrome, but Brave also allows users to tip websites with its native token, BAT.

“This new feature is a client-side Ethereum 7 wallet with support for ETH and most standard Ethereum tokens & collectibles, including BAT. For now, Crypto Wallets is a standalone component which doesn’t interact with Brave Rewards at all. It allows you to use a local wallet and interact with Ðapps 3, making Brave a fully-featured web3 8 browser.

Think of Crypto Wallets like Metamask, but built into Brave. In fact, Crypto Wallets is a lot like Metamask — it’s based on the same open-source codebase as Metamask in the same way that Brave is based on the same open-source codebase as Chrome.You won’t need to verify your identity to use Brave’s crypto wallet (unlike when claiming publisher rewards), nor does the company want to know what you’re using it for.

 You use your own assets, and you control your own keys. In fact, said the release, Brave won’t involve itself in transactions whatsoever. But for those looking to start using this new piece of tech, you’ll have to wait.”- explained Brave’s manager in the post.

No further details regarding the launch date of the wallet have been provided so far. What we know is that the project is not yet in the beta testing phase and can only be tested by developers at this point. But Wykoff has announced users that the Brave team is working on furthering the development phase of the wallet.

Currently, Brave users that want to receive Brave publisher rewards have to use the Uphold wallet. Compared to Uphold, the Brave wallet is non-custodial, which is a better alternative for users that are keen on privacy.

He also stated that Brave’s wallet was designed to maintain the user’s anonymity at all costs: “Designing that system to ensure that we follow the law while ensuring that you remain anonymous is a big deal for us, and one of the most substantial components of this work ahead.”

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