Neo releases N3 RC2, plans TestNet update

Neo releases N3 RC2, plans TestNet update

RC2 iterates on the recent RC1 launch by providing numerous new pieces of functionality. Improved JSONPath support will help developers to restrict Oracle responses, and the newly standardized contract update method has been implemented in accordance with a recent proposal.

A revised C# smart contract compiler is also a notable new addition, bringing support for more language features, deterministic compilation, and outputting more readable, optimized code.

According to a comment left by an NGD team member on the project GitHub, the current N3 TestNet will be updated to RC2 on May 18. This leaves a two week window to give community developers responsible for Neo tooling and infrastructure to bring their projects in line with the latest improvements.

The Neo core developers will continue to work on the N3 codebase in the meantime. At this time there are still several outstanding tasks which suggest that a final RC3 release will follow before the formal N3 TestNet goes live.

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