Is Zebi Dead??? + Availcom ICO Review

But for real, is Zebi dead? To answer that no, they are not at all. We'll see in today's video that they are progressing nicely in their project.

The one thing they are lacking thos is a marketing presense or some kind of zebi news update platform.

In today's video we look at some zebi price predictions, where the project is at currently, where it is heading and some new releases for them. Remember at one time Zebi was considered one of the best ICOs and one of the best altcoins 2018, but as most projects do, they lost a little market hype.

We also look at an ICO project called Availcom! Avalicom is uiing the blockchain to put a different spin on the car and propertly rental space using keyless and meetingless access points.

1:19 Zebi Price Points
2:50 Recap
5:12 Start of a marketing effort
5:39 project Progression EDU Chain
6:35 Zebi EDU chain
7:09 zebi ID
8:58 Availcom ICO
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As always, nothing I said in this video is financial advice as I am not a financial advisor nor do I pretend to be one. Everything said in this video and ALL videos are my own personal opinion and should be used as entertainment purposes ONLY (definitely not as financial advice). Always do your own research, just because one person says something on the internet does not make it true.

Any time you invest into a cryptocurrency it is a risk. You must make sure you are well versed before making any decisions with crypto investments. If in the event you do take the risk you must take sole responsibility for your actions.

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