Unveils EOSIO 2.0 With New Developer Tools, Enhanced Performance and Security Unveils EOSIO 2.0 With New Developer Tools, Enhanced Performance and Security unveiled EOSIO 2.0, which has new tools designed to improve the network performance by 16x times while significantly reducing the entry barrier for new EOSIO blockchain developers.

EOSIO developer has recently unveiled the second version of the platform making it faster, simpler, and secure to build on EOSIO. One of the major roadblocks in blockchain development is the speed of execution of smart contracts, and EOSIO 2.0 aims to address this issue.

Speaking on the launch, CTO Dan Larimer said:

“Eosio 2 rc1 is officially available for the community to download and utilize on testnets and even non-critical EOS nodes. Assuming no major issues this will be the final 2.0 version and it’s super fast!”

The official press release notes that their commitment is to radically transform the developer experience by creating a custom-built engine called EOS VM. Besides, also aims to provide tools for effectively onboarding developers on the EOS platform as well as providing the support for industry-standard authentication.

The update features a high-performance WebAssembly (WASM) engine which is specialized for creating applications on EOSIO. As per the company claims, the EOS VM provides 16x better performance.

With the launch of version 2, EOSIO becomes the first blockchain protocol with WebAuth standards thereby bringing greater usability and security for applications built on the platform. Furthermore, by using EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, developers can quickly transit from start to read-to-build platform.

Four Key Components of EOSIO 2.0

The four major components of the EOSIO 2.0 include: CTO Dan Larimer said:

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