[ANN] xnode-vps

[ANN] xnode-vps

X N O D E - V P S - H O S T I N G - S E R V I C E
Welcome Crypto Community,XNODE - VPS HOSTING service is a social VPS hosting Platform based on Blockchain aimed to create a strong community by providing Fast, Reliable and Cost-Efficient VPS hosting Services. Our main goal is to combine Crypto and ordinary community with the help of service that we are going to provide to fill the gap between both communities and to socialise the use of Crypto in our day to day life.
P R O J E C T - F E A T U R E SMasternode & Proof of stakeCustomer PrivacyControl over Hosting EnvironmentAn intuitive DashboardLightning fast transactions & Instant PaymentDecentralized NetworkHighly Secure and Robust24/7 Support TeamEnergy efficient & Low Cost FeesScalability99.99% uptime GuaranteeChoose your Data CenterX N O D E - R O A D - M A PPHASE - 1+ Idea Creation & Team Assembly.+ Blockchain development.+ Testing Blockchain.+ Launching XNODE website, Blockchain and Explorer.+ BitcoinTalk, Medium & Other Social Media Announcement.+ Releasing XNODE wallets.PHASE - 2+ Bounty, Invite and Marketing Campaign.+ Listing on all major Exchanges.+ Listing on all major Masternode Hosting Services.+ Listing on all major Masternode Monitoring Services.+ Partnership with various other Platforms.+ Release of WhitePaper V1.0PHASE - 3+ Bounty, Invite and Marketing Campaign.+ Extending partnership with various other Platforms.+ R & D of VPS hosting Platform.+ R & D of Mobile Wallet [IOS / ANDROID].+ Testing of VPS hosting Platform.+ Testing Mobile Wallet [IOS / ANDROID].PHASE - 4+ Bounty, Invite and Marketing Campaign.+ Public Beta Release of VPS hosting Platform.+ Public Beta Release of Mobile Wallet. [IOS/ANDROID].+ Public Final Release of VPS hosting Platform.+ Public Final Release of Mobile Wallet. [IOS/ANDROID].+ Release of 2022 Roadmap and Plans.

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