[ANN] Bitcointalk Wallet

[ANN] Bitcointalk Wallet

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Hello Dear forum users
Our forum has existed for over 10 years. During this time we have done a lot of work, united a lot of people and created an incredible place for communication with thousands of sections and topics. Our team would like to thank you very much for staying with us. Together we launched our own Bitcointalk Wallet based on Electrum. What will it be used for?The coin will not be mined. You can get it only by participating in special contests, giveaways, creating posts and replying to messages.Creating a theme -  20 coinsMessage - 10 coinsIn mid february we will announce the stock exchange on which our coin will be traded. You will be able to exchange it for real money . How to begin to use a purse?When generating address EVERY user will get 200 coins.Send 1 coin to BTLKa5ukEyutshrdMd7m2UHVhShmcSEnwqIn the comment MUST specify your nickname on the forumAn example It is necessary to do in order to link your profile on the forum with your purse address. After that you will be automatically credited coins for each action on the forum.
You can download a wallet from the link below

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