[ANN][Scrypt] ????????⚖ LIZ Coin (LIZC) - Scrypt PoS 200% Per Year ????????⚖

[ANN][Scrypt] ????????⚖ LIZ Coin (LIZC) - Scrypt PoS 200% Per Year ????????⚖

Liz Coin
LIZC is a cryptocurrency coin that needs to be mined in Proof of Stake or POS. With POS system you do not need expensive hardware miners. It only takes a bit of capital to buy a coin and store it in wallet-qt and start mining in POS. With 200% annual interest rate with your savings amount. It's 100% subject to the amount of coin you keep in wallet-qt or POS Pool. But your competition is how much coin is stored in the wallet-qt or POS Pool who keeps most of her who will earn a huge amount. Difficulties will also play an important role in POS competition.
The project's core
Computer Store
Online Store
Crypto Mining Farm
Food Supplier Service
LIZC Specification
About :: Details
Coin Name :: LIZ Coin
Ticker :: LIZC
Algorithm :: Scrypt
Maximum Supply :: 102,000,000 LIZC
Premine Supply :: 2,000,000 LIZC
Masternode :: 500,000 LIZC
Presale :: 1,500,000 LIZC
Block Mature :: 200 Block
Comfirmation :: 3 Block
Min. stake age :: 1 Hour
Max. stake age :: Unlimited
POS Pool

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