[ANN][Private-sale] |Flowchain Network| The Blockchain for AI and IoT dapps

[ANN][Private-sale] |Flowchain Network| The Blockchain for AI and IoT dapps

Blockchain project Flowchain announces token pre-sale for IoT and AI distributed ledger systemSingapore – Flowchain planned to open its token presale on Oct 17, 2018. The blockchain project has created a blockchain mining system for decentralized AI and for Internet of Things (IoT) computing. The Flowchain framework provides a distributed ledger for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transaction.Tech Talent Infusion Blockchain Talent-In describes the Flowchain system as ledger technology for IoT devices “that are able to act in real time” offering the potential for “a true peer-to-peer IoT network [that] could extend from smart homes to creating cities with IoT in mind ...”The initial private offering which opened in mid-March sold out without any advertising. The soft cap of 2,000 ETH was easily reached. The price of the FLC token during the presale is  0.0002 ETH. Parties can apply for the token presale whitelist at flowchain.co/token.htmlBecause Flowchain was designed from the ground up, it doesn’t depends on any current existing IoT blockchain systems. The Flowchain framework uses virtual blocks that can be merged to create a distributed ledger. This new blockchain design uses Node.js to start a Flowchain node and join to a peer, which ensures real-time data transactions. The Flowchain source code is available at flowchain.co/community/.Mantra AI included Flowchain in its article on the top six technology disruptors for 2018 along with IBM Watson IoT and NetObiex. The Mantra AI article explained that a technological revolution is under way that will “completely transform the way economy is generated.” The article further noted that most of the contemporary technologies “will be replaced by the technologies that were envisioned a decade ago and have matured to the level that they can be adopted by this year of 2018.”Mantra AI cited IDC’s projection that by 2019, “20% of all IoT networks will have a deployment for the blockchain.” The article included blockchain technology because it “eliminates the need of a central server” and is a “type of internet that cannot be corrupted.” Mantra AI further underscored Flowchain’s purpose, noting that the “convergence of blockchain and IoT have created markets for using blockchain outside cryptocurrencies.”Flowchain has "deep tech" in the IoT blockchain area, having conducted and published significant research proving the quality of the company’s software design and algorithms. Flowchain’s founder Jollen Chen published a research paper, “Devify: decentralized internet of things software framework for a peer-to-peer and interoperable IoT device.” The paper is available through the ACM Digital Library at dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3231539. In it, Chen proposes the Devify software framework to address “the peer-to-peer IoT network and the interoperable IoT device development.” The paper describes experiments conducted to show that an IoT application server “can simply use the flow-based programming (FBP) paradigm to define the application as a data exchange network.”In early June, Chen published the company’s latest hybrid blockchain research at the 2nd Workshop on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems in Los Angeles. Additional research and white papers supporting Flowchain’s technology are available at flowchain.co/publication.htmlTo participate in the token presale whitelist, learn more about the company’s research and source code, or learn more about all of Flowchain’s technology solutions, visit https://flowchain.co

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