[ANN]PLATINCOIN (PLC) Proof of Work (PoW)

[ANN]PLATINCOIN (PLC) Proof of Work (PoW)

Platincoin is based on Litecoin Blockchain technology. PlatinCoin Cryptosystem is a flexible and multifunctional platform that allows everybody to create a wide variety of daily business operations without the delay of payment for goods and services.
PLATINCOIN FeaturesPlatinCoin Thin Mobile and Thin Desktop Wallet as well as the PlatinCoin Secure WalletPlatinCoin Minting ProgramPlatinCoin Secure BoxCryptoMessengerPlatinCoin Debit CardPlatinCoin CommunityPlatinCoin Points of AcceptanceOpen Investment Fund for indirect investments in crypto for small investors
CONSENSUS:Proof of Work (PoW)BLOCK TIME:90 secondsALGORITHM:CryptoNightTOTAL SUPPLY:600,001,073 PLCCIRCULATING SUPPLY:700,000 PLCBlockchain Explorer:https://platincoin.info/#/

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