[ANN] Prandex: First international exchange from India (Live:100 Pairs)

[ANN] Prandex: First international exchange from India (Live:100 Pairs)

Prandex is a Multi-Asset digital crypto currency exchange created in early 2018. Prandex is the first international exchange from India. Prandex is a fully functioning exchange that is already live. We have 50 major coins/tokens and more than 100 trading pairs already listed on the exchange in BTC, ETH and USDT markets.
Issues with existing exchanges
    Multiple Accounts - One size doesn’t fit all. Most users have accounts in several exchanges and it is becoming tough for them to manage those accounts. Trading spectrum - Exchange, has been a singular platform until now, allowing only currency exchange transactions. Users approach other service providers for needs such as lending, borrowing, Portfolio management and other advanced financial needs. Trading Bots -Another major concern is that since the Crypto markets are open 24/7 through the year, protecting investments using automated tools is critical.
What makes Prandex unique ?
    Live Exchange - We are already trading live with over 100K active users added in just last month itself. We have listed over 50 Coins/ Tokens and have more than 100 trading pairs available for trade. Trading Fee - We have 0% trading Fee until the end of this year +  you get 0.2% our tokens when you trade and your referer gets 0.1% Multi language support - We support over 15 International languages Multi Device Support - We have a fully functional Android App, IOS app on the making Customer support - we are planning to provide 24X7 support in the coming days, now we provide 12 hours of support. Our telegram group has 35K users.
    Join our Telegram group — 200 PRAB tokens ( Worth 2 USD) Sign up @ Prandex — 500 PRAB Tokens (worth 5 USD) Refer a friend using your referral link and for every friend who joins using your link — 500 PRAB tokens (worth 5 USD) For every 1 USD worth of crypto deposit — 1 PRAB token (until first withdraw, after that no bounty will be paid)
         Note:            Prandex reserves the right to cancel or amend the Bounty or Bounty Rules at our sole discretion.            All accounts that we deem to be created with “disposable” email will not be entitled for bounty.            All trades that we deem to be “wash trades” will not get their Bounty
Prandex Features
Exchange and Brokerage
The base Prandex platform is a meta service provided on top of several other exchanges. By building this platform, Prandex will be able to merge their order books. This creates a Uber order book and also provides th

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