Phemex brings back XRP and introduces 8 new coins

Phemex brings back XRP and introduces 8 new coins

That’s not all. Phemex introduced eight new cryptocurrencies, which have proven to have outstanding potential. And they are all available for USDT spot trading.

What was the problem with XRP?

Due to a US Security and Exchange Commission lawsuit, Ripple has been in a tight position for the last few months.

Despite being a bridge currency, the SEC has criticized Ripple for selling XRP as an unregistered security. In short, Ripple was accused of selling its crypto to friends at a low price in order for them to generate profit by reselling. 

So most of the crypto exchanges agreed to suspend Ripple until the details were clear enough.

But XRP owners, in particular large corporations, did not like it, so they started defending Ripple from the SEC charges. The well-known lawyer John Deaton vowed to fight for the more than 11,000 XRP holders.

Given the circumstances, Phemex managed to get Ripple back for spot and contract trading due to the popular demand.

Which are the eight new coins on Phemex’s trading list?

As you might know, Phemex is much stricter than other trading platforms because it wants to give its customers the best solutions on the market. Therefore, cryptocurrencies need to pass certain key elements.

There needs to be total scrutiny and incredible potential and public demand for the crypto projects. So Phemex got to work and came out with the most promising cryptos of 2021. 

We gathered the link for every pair needed with the new stars:

What is Phemex?

Phemex is a crypto trading platform developed by top Wall Street traders. It is known for its unique features that guarantee safety for users and its 100x leverage. 

But the team behind Phemex made a name out of the platform with all the amazing events organized for users. The last edition of Trading Arena got to the best player no less than 2 BTC. And not long ago, Phemex made its entrance on OpenSea with “The QR touch”, an NFT that made 100% of the QR codes linked to the wallets of its users. 

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