Mining giant Bitmain invests in crypto-mining platform BitFuFu

Mining giant Bitmain invests in crypto-mining platform BitFuFu

Following announcements of their strategic partnership, BitFuFu has officially received investment funding from the world-renowned mining company, Bitmain. Bitmain and are joining hands to expand to future markets in mining, as well as the full integration of tools from both sides, such as mining equipment, mining facilities, and industry expertise. This information comes shortly after BitFuFu reportedly made a huge order of 8000 units of the S19Pro Antminers from Bitmain.

The mining giant has been a strategic partner of BitFuFu, and according to the company representatives, Bitmain intends to continue to support the BitFuFu platform through its valuable mining resources and connections, including mining machines, pools, etc. BitFuFu and Bitmain aim to openly collaborate with each other to achieve mutual benefits in the long run and to further, bolster the development of the crypto mining ecosystem.

A company representative at Bitmain expressed that the future goals of Bitmain entail a heavy emphasis on the enrichment of cloud computing tech and integration of its resources. BitFuFu has currently introduced a joint login function with Antpool.

Users now only need one platform account to access both services, eliminating the need to build, login, and maintain multiple accounts. This improves the user experience and adds flexibility for clients to easily switch between cloud computing services and mining through the BitFuFu platform, which allows customers to adjust according to market conditions and sentiments.

BitFuFu was formally launched on December 15th, 2020 as the industry’s first computing power standardization portal. adheres to the ideals of transparency and computing power standardization, and in February this year, the platform has reached a strategic agreement with Bitmain and has since established a reliable supply of mining resources and connections to the partner institutions of Bitmain.

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About BitFuFu

BitFuFu is the world’s first platform to offer crypto mining services to users with standardized mining hash rates. The aim of BitFuFu is to provide users access to Bitcoin at a lower cost. By collaborating with Bitmain, its hash rate products have achieved first-class service through one-click transactions, eliminating complicated steps, such as selecting proper mining and mining machines, maintenance of machines, and connection of mining pools.

The BitFuFu Platform allows customers to access the world’s top miners, such as Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, and international mining farms in Russia, the United States, and China.

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