3 Vital Tools for Cryptocurrency Holders and Traders

3 Vital Tools for Cryptocurrency Holders and Traders

When you think of cryptocurrencies, what’s the word that first pops into your mind? Uncertainty?

That might sound negative but it’s actually far from it. Uncertainty might be worrying for those looking for a steady ride but, for those of us looking to maximize our investment, uncertainty is the fuel which keeps our fires lit.

Interpreting the signals sent out by the market on a moment to moment basis is the key to smart trading but getting the most out of those markets is far from simple. Luckily, some smart folks have built tools which make trading and holding crypto a simple, painless and profitable experience.

In this guide, we’re going to share with you three of our favorite cryptocurrency tools based on our testing. Join us, won’t you?

If you’re buying any cryptocurrency, having a digital wallet where you can store your crypto is absolutely essential. These come in many forms, from those you download and can keep on a hard drive for a touch of the physical to web-based wallets which allow you to access your wallet from anywhere in the world at any time, provided you have an internet connection and your login credentials.

We favor offline wallets as they reduce your reliance on third-parties which can be hacked or taken down. Our favorite is Exodus – an all-in-one application which supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies, has tremendous security features and even lets you trade between various cryptocurrencies with live charts and trackers. Oh, it’s free too and it’s also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It’s fair to say that social media hasn’t improved everything about our lives but, when it comes to trading, it’s led to some fascinating software.

When it comes to analyzing markets and traders, we’re fans of TradingView. The charts it offers are right up there with professional-tier products and the social aspect of it means you can view traders’ histories and even follow them to study what it is they’re doing right (or wrong!)

It’s a massively powerful tool and it offers a free tier, with 30-day trails for their Pro, Pro+ and Premium tiers.

When it comes to trading, the most basic requirement for a tool is connections to the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Surprisingly though, that’s often hard to find. That’s why we favor Coinigy.

Connecting to over 45 of the most popular exchanges and supporting users on both desktop and mobile, it offers amazingly powerful execution tools, making it essential for serious traders.

Unlike the other tools on this list though, Coinigy doesn’t come free. Whilst there is a free 30-day trial which includes almost everything you can expect to find in the paid tiers, you’ll either be looking at either the ‘Pro Trader’ or ‘API Developer Pro’ tiers, which cost $18.99/m and $99/m (when purchased annually) respectively. For the vast majority of traders, the Pro Trader tier is ideal but, if you need enterprise API access, the higher tier is where you need to head.

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