Bitcoin and Stocks Rise as Italy Starts Opening Up

Bitcoin and Stocks Rise as Italy Starts Opening Up

Bitcoin and Dow Jones rose by more than 2% today as Italy finally begins the process of opening up with a number of shops and workplaces allowed to open from today.

Citing a new decree, local media states “bookshops, dry cleaners and shops selling baby clothes are among a handful of previously closed businesses permitted to reopen from April 14.”

In addition they say a number of industries can resume activity, that includes:

“The government is set to meet industry representatives over the coming days, with talk of a new wave of reopenings from April 20,” they say.

The Italian government initially said they won’t open anything until May, but now they’ve changed course as numerous European countries begin opening up.

Germany is expected to open up on Monday, while the situation in Sweden appears to be even a bit better than Switzerland or Belgium despite having the same sized population and despite Sweden not imposing curfews unlike the other two.

In France anger erupted on social media after Macron announced an unmodified extension of the lockdown until May.

“Jesus christ, the quarantine is driving me insane,” a top voted comment said on hearing France plans to house arrest everyone until May 11th.

Numerous other comments likewise loudly criticized this approach of just keep locking everyone up with the new British Prime Minister telling everyone don’t even think about the end of the lockdown.

Peak is in two weeks he said even as his chief medical advisor stated transmission in the community has dropped below 1, meaning this is over where new cases are concerned in the general public.

Corporate media however, which seems to be loving all this, keeps claiming 90% approve of these house arrests even as on social media anger keeps growing by the day at these “temporary” measures.

The blanket approach moreover appears to be fully nonsensical, and the suggestion of immunity certificates, for example, is just a coded way to tell those with brains who are not at risk to catch this because that’s how they “earn” their freedom.

No wonder all these people on TV seem to be getting it, and no wonder the rich kids had corona parties, with a far more sophisticated approach now needed if they wish to continue this any longer.

Young families for example where the oldest person is 40 or less should be able to get back to work as normal. People should be able to swim on the beach as long as they are keeping distance. They should be able to have barbecues on the park too under the same conditions.

For ultimately, the government doesn’t care more about our health or the health of our mothers than we do. They’ve seen the level of self-compliance, when it makes sense, but now this is over even in Britain which was behind all the rest of Europe, except London which was on the same level as the rest of Europe.

Now there may be some regions, but the capital should be opened up or should start being opened up.

Like gyms for example should start serving all these people that are getting very fat now watching TV all day with nothing to do. Under same conditions as supermarkets or whatever, but the government gotta do something instead of starting to sound like a broken tape with this week being the most important one for a month now.

“The first few weeks were fine. Cool, I get to sleep in, look at so much porn, so many movies and videogames, have over 100 hours in Animal Crossing.

Now… I’m legit bored and feel useless. Like without a routine of a job I just feel like a bum.”

That’s your “90% approval.” Straight from the book of Kim Jung-un as these people start living in fantasy land when people are fed up of these talks of months or years or stupid certificates.

We saw, we listened, now we gotta get back to normal. Not with stupid masks we have to buy from China because Europe is not Asia and will not be chinified by our own free governments copying the same authoritarian fear tactics as China uses on its own people with those dehumanizing masks.

And when they talk about the blitz spirit, the blitz spirit is going on about your daily life even as bombs fall, not shivering at home as donkeys try and play authoritarian and try to claim they know better than individuals what is best for their own health.

Now they’ve been made to climb this ladder by the sclerotic bureaucracy – although to be fair there was a clear power struggle there between Imperial and Oxford, Witty and this Ferguson Nostradamus – now they’ve been made to climb the ladder it is probably a bit difficult for them to come down, but Cummings is back in downing street and hopefully he gets to shout at them to get their act together and persuade us all they are truly following science, rather than just stating it as some sort of slogan.

Enough. People have lives to live, dreams to follow, and they will listen of course, but this is the most educated generation in history. So they’ll listen to facts, not slogans, and the fact is for London the most important week was last week.

That’s because the peak was probably the week before then, and we all had to let that curve come down which it clearly has if R is now below one.

And so we need to at least start relaxing a bit, to start opening some government offices for example as people might not know what help is available to them or how to claim it, to start opening production, and barbers as well as likewise services, and to get dentists to start running more normal instead of emergency only.

Because they said three weeks, and they said temporary measures, not months or years and permanent measures.

We know they lying of course but just as they pretend, we also can pretend they are not lying and so hold them to account and get them to explain fully, not with stupid slogans, what games they playing at with all these talks about all sorts of nonsense.

And to Boris Johnson, get well, but hope your aids serve you well through this test as we need to get back to normal.


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