Wallstreetbets and hedge funds put on blast as day trading retail apes avoid mainstream channels. DarwinTrades review

Wallstreetbets and hedge funds put on blast as day trading retail apes avoid mainstream channels. DarwinTrades review

Let me start off by saying I got invited by one of my friends who often finds new trends in the crypto and stock trading industry. His Instagram DM basically said this "Some new site popped up recently and you got to see it to believe it...it is LIT AF"

I asked our chief editor here at Coinhub News if she minded me taking some work hours to look it over and she acquiesced.

So i typed in https://www.darwintrades.com/ and just started reading it all. There are hidden messages and easter eggs all over this site. Just....WOW if you took teamJust from the old Ethereum days, added a splash of 4chan, and a big helping of Reddits Wallstreetbets then DarwinTrades would be it's bastard child.

I did email and ask the site if they would grant me a discount code and they sent me one (I am a poor journalist and minnow trader no judgement!).

Sign up was fast, they claim you can pay in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you have to email them first. My discount code worked fine and then member only chat and Darwin Trades blog was also accessible. Trade chat is what you want and that is where they post all their stock and cryptocurrency buys. They do not tell you when to take profit but they do remind you to keep your goals for each stock call reasonable between 5% and higher.

I must have joined on a good day because the first trade I made was their 7am stock call on $INDP (Indaptus Therapeutics Inc) it wen't over 120% gain in 3 hours so members were very happy and so was I. I only made 75% because of greed mostly and holding too long.

Team Darwin is serious in chat during pre-market through post-market so they don't waste time they just keep giving all the stocks they buy and it becomes up to the members to decide if they take a position or not.

They have a chat bot and more coming soon, I was not granted permission to explain any upcoming features yet. Overall, I would recommend this site to anyone needing new ideas for trades and they seem to come from several industry sectors and variety of types. They did not trade many blue chips here and seemed to look for momentum trading as a primary signal to enter into trades.

Darwin's team sent me this promo code we could use for our readers at checkout: BABEWITHTHEPOWER

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