Blockchain at the Edge - Transformational Solutions: Open Format

By Thessy Mehrain, Leah Callon-Butler

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the lives of marginalized communities, while greatly improving the lives of others by shifting agency from institutions to individuals, from the center to the edges.
Decentralized technologies can also create alternatives in crisis economies, by providing the transparency needed to counter corruption and human trafficking, and much more.

In a series of independent workshops, we will explore how to create transformational impact with blockchain tech via:
- Turbo-charging existing informal solutions
- Creating solutions for environments that have been ignored

We invite Devcon participants to join short, energetic and fun workshop sessions to connect creators (Developers, UX, Product Strategists...) and those for whom blockchain solutions can be transformational.

Join us to:

- Learn from and with those who have experienced systematic hardship based on identity (ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation/class/status), and those from crisis economies ( currency events/sanctions)
- Identify, define, and hack together to solve problems with and for those in crisis, collaborate on requirements and test with one another to perfect your products

Attending these sessions will equip participants with skills to build more meaningful, secure and robust products and systems.

Groups/Topics: (proposed/open to change) social transformation
We add problem statements

Financial control/ ownership … currency crisis,

Data privacy - digital identity, records, safe reporting, protesters, whistle blower

Transparency - sourcing of food supply, provenance of money/corruption,

Points of Contact:

Overall - Thessy Mehrain TG @ThessyMehrain (always at the event starting 9am)
Facilitation - Alix Keller/Hadassah Damien/Dhruv Luthra
Community/ Social - Adam Wozney - (at the Consensys Booth)
Organization - Kelly LeValley (always at the event starting 9am)
Ukiyo - Anna George

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