The Bitcoin Foundation Secures Funding to Educate Stakeholders, Regulators and More

The Bitcoin Foundation Secures Funding to Educate Stakeholders, Regulators and More

Despite Bitcoin’s 80 percent decline in the market dominance it held in January 2017, it is still the most recognizable name in cryptocurrency, and The Bitcoin Foundation is taking advantage of this with new initiatives to educate lawmakers, regulators, the general public, the media and more through training programs and seminars.

Bitcoin Foundation Receives $200,000

The Bitcoin Foundation has secured a commitment of $200,000 for its 2018/2019 plan including $100,000 from venture capitalist and chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce as well as $100,000 from other members of the board.

The Foundation, which has been severely constrained by lack of resources in years past, will utilize the funds to aid in raising more funding for its 2018/2019 strategic plans, which includes launching regional operations across the globe.

The aforementioned, local outposts will allow the Foundation to focus on local lobbying, education and training of lawmakers, regulators, the general public and the media through seminars and training programs. The operations will also assist in advancing the world toward a decentralized financial system.

Llew Claasen, executive director of The Bitcoin Foundation, said:

“Most cryptoasset projects have shared objectives. It’s unfortunate that for too long the education, media and consumer outreach and lobbying efforts of projects have been siloed and duplicative. Fundamentally, these new projects have many things in common with each other. They came about after the creation of Bitcoin on the back of the availability of alternative blockchain technologies, different views on blockchain architectures, philosophical differences and people’s inherent desire to contribute where their effort would be most valued and incentives are greatest. They’re all children of Bitcoin and we want to embrace this diversity in our industry and represent these shared interests.”

Claasen continued:

“The cryptoasset industry is very young and often misunderstood by lawmakers, regulators, the public and the media. Our industry faces a real threat of massive global overregulation on the back of misunderstood, inaccurate and often politicized ideas of their potential for illicit purposes, rather than how these technologies are being used in reality. We continue to believe that these technologies hold massive potential for increasing levels of low cost, peer-to-peer economic participation. There is fortunately also a growing realization amongst project maintainers that it doesn’t make sense to fight each other for mind–or market–share at this stage of the industry, but rather to pool education and lobbying resources and stand together against very real external threats to the industry.”

Those interested in donating to the Foundation can learn more here.

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