[ANN] [IEO] Kii: Utility Token | White Paper Attached | VC-Backed Company

[ANN] [IEO] Kii: Utility Token | White Paper Attached | VC-Backed Company

Meet $Kii: the identity utility token from The Kii Foundation & NuIDIn partnership with NuID, The Kii Foundation is launching Kii, the identity utility token at the root of the Nu Identity Ecosystem and identity-optimized KiiChain. Kii purchasers will get access to the ecosystem, where individuals own and control their online identity without trusting services with their private information. Kii will be used to pay the cost of credential registration on a public blockchain & pay for use of NulD's existing trustless authentication solution: the first of many services in the Nu Identity Ecosystem. Future identity use cases within the Nu Identity Ecosystem include but are not limited to: KYC and identity verification, certificate and credential issuance, digitized assets, education credentials, decentralized data storage, and peer-to-peer identity services.The public sale of Kii token will take place Summer 2022 ($0.30 public sale price). Pre-sale is available now for $0.15 for a limited time.  Kii will be issued as an ERC20 token, but will migrate to the identity-optimized KiiChain in the near future as a native token.How to Purchase & Launch Details: https://kiichain.org  White Paper: https://docsend.com/view/mngdpbq3y8gncw7kOne Pager: https://docsend.com/view/fyk6q72umzugj6vq NuID: https://nuid.io/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/_NuID  Kii Foundation Telegram: https://t.me/+qgQofhNKdMgxNzQ5  NuID Telegram: https://t.me/+o4ZS8SwBlbk5OTUx US residents and those in other Excluded Jurisdictions are excluded from participating in global presale of Kii.

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