LNbits v0.1 BETA feature overview

LNbits, free and open-source lightning-network wallet/accounts system
https://lnbits.com, or run your own LNbits server!

LNbits is a very simple Python server that sits on top of any funding source, and can be used as:
=Accounts system to mitigate the risk of exposing applications to your full balance, via unique API keys for each wallet
-Extendable platform for exploring lightning-network functionality via LNbits extension framework
=Part of a development stack via LNbits API
=Fallback wallet for the LNURL scheme
=Instant wallet for LN demonstrations

The wallet can run on top of any lightning-network funding source, currently there is support for LND, CLightning, Lntxbot, LNpay, OpenNode, with more being added regularly.


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