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Canaan is one of the top Bitcoin miner manufacturers, in the world! Canaan and their AvalonMiner's are very popular and profitable for Bitcoin mining farms historically. Let's review their new 1066Pro! Sub to VoskCoin -

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Bitcoin mining is constantly evolving, and the longer the Bitcoin blockchain grows, the more advanced Bitcoin miners become. Bitcoin was originally CPU mined, and then GPU mined, and there were some FPGA miners along the way, but the standard for Bitcoin miners have been ASIC miners for several years now. Canaan has consistently challenged Bitmain as being the top option for Bitcoin mining farms that want to mine Bitcoins! The Canaan AvalonMiner BTC mining rig line-up historically have been very robust miners, and profitable at mining farm electric rates. We are reviewing the Canaan AvalonMiner 1066Pro, and in our testing it is a very effective Bitcoin miner! We tested the normal mining mode as well as the high performance mining mode, which we elaborate on in this video review as well as in the VCT write-up linked above!

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