Evonodes 2.0

Evonodes 2.0

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! Today is the day where we reveal more about the upcoming launch of Evonodes 2.0! We have taken everything we've learned, and everything our users have asked for over the past year and a half, and built the framework that will enable us to deliver all of that and much much more!

Good day to you all!

This marks a new era, for not only Evonodes, but for our users as well. This new framework will allow us to continue to innovate in a much faster and more reliable fashion than what we are used to. Enabling us to grow and scale the platform to meet the needs of our users, now and in the future.

This article will be an extended overview of all of the improvements that we have made with v2.0. More detailed explanations of each component will come over the next few weeks leading up to launch.

The first important point to talk about is of course… The Launch Date!

We are aiming for a launch date towards the end of August for Evonodes 2.0! That is right, the end of this month!

We are currently in the final stages of testing as we speak. We want to make sure that we deliver the highest quality product possible, so we are testing, testing, taking a tea break, (letting it get cold), and then testing some more!

Alright then, enough hype, let's get into the good stuff!

The New Custom Codebase

As many of you know, we have plans to add to, and extend upon, the features of Evonodes. Features such as dedicated masternode hosting, a coin swapping feature, Bitcoin wallets, Ethereum support, and much much more. The first step to being able to integrate these features, is a brand new codebase that will give us the ability to add these things.

Built on a custom framework, designed by our developer SharkWipf, the new codebase is built for, and around, the current needs of Evonodes as well as our future projects that we have planned for integration. This new codebase is 100% written from scratch, not a single line of old code was used in v2.0. The new framework allows us to easily, rapidly, and securely, extend, and/or swap out, parts of our codebase. Without running into any of the traditional problems typically associated with swapping out or altering core parts of a system. The easiest way to think of it is, modular, or like puzzle pieces. With each module or puzzle piece being easily added, removed, or swapped out at any time without disrupting the flow of the rest of the system.

This framework is SharkWipf's lifeblood! He has been creating this new framework even since before he joined us at Evonodes. He has taken his idea for this new framework and applied it to Evonodes and the needs of its users as well as the needs of our team members. The result is a brand new way of hosting masternodes!

New and Improved DashboardNew and Improved Masternode Management and Security

Currently, all of our masternodes are set up rather naively, with each one being manually installed on a VPS server, alongside nodes of our other coin's pools, at a max of 1 node per pool per server. This method often causes conflicts between different wallets fighting over ports and especially resources. This leads to incompatibilities between some wallets and the installed software or Operating System, and it also limits us in what coins we are able to support.

For Evonodes 2.0 we have completely rethought this concept, designing a new system that allows us to run any wallet isolated to its own, optimized personal space, where we can give every wallet the exact resources it needs, (as well as future needs, as blockchains to tend to grow in size and resource usage), all without risking the compatibility problems we had in the past.

Evonodes 1.0 was built to support a few specific types of wallets. Mainly forks of Bitcoin, Dash, and PIVX. As time went on and crypto evolved, new and exciting types of projects built new and exciting codebases from the ground up, or they tweaked the old ones so much that we simply could not support these new codebases. We quickly realized we needed a codebase that could EVOlve with this ever quickly growing space.

Which brings us back to our "modular" approach. By building specific modules and plugging them into the new framework, Evonodes 2.0 will be able to support a much greater variety of projects/coins in the future, even if the project doesn't work the same way as other masternode coins do. This will allow us to list projects we've had to reject in the past, due to these projects being incompatible with our current infrastructure.

This means that, over the coming months, and for years to come, our users can look forward to new listings of some of the most innovative projects out there!

Dedicated Masternode Hosting

Many of the features we have talked about in the past will be coming to Evonodes 2.0 over the next year. The very first new feature we are introducing will launch at the same time we launch our new framework, and that feature is Dedicated Masternode Hosting!

Dedicated Masternodes, unlike Shared Masternodes, allow you to run your very own whole masternodes with just a few clicks of your mouse! Without having to go through the hassle of setting up and managing your own VPS for it. Without needing to know the technical aspects of how to set up a masternode. No Linux knowledge needed. Our new easy to use interface will allow anyone to start hosting masternodes in just minutes!

With dedicated masternodes, unlike Shared Masternodes, all of your coins stay in your wallet! All of the rewards that your masternode/s mint, go straight back into your wallet/s, they will never be "shared" with a pool, they will never have to be sent to us or anyone else, and we will never be able to access your coins from our end. This is the way crypto is meant to be!

If you have enough coins to set up a complete masternode, you will be able to safely do so with our new Dedicated Masternode Hosting, coming in just a few short weeks!

Notification System

A completely brand new notification system has been added to the website! This is HUGE! With the old system, we relied on Discord notifications to notify our users of changes. If we needed our users to act on something, we would send them a notification email by hand.

As we grew we realized this system obviously had a lot of shortcomings. For one, not all our users are on Discord, and not everyone reads their emails in time. As such, we've set up not one, not two, but three notification systems within the new framework: One for Global Notifications, one for Per-User Notifications, and one for Per-Pool Notifications.

All these notifications can be managed in the new notification center, and you'll be able to configure whether you want to receive an email for each type and/or by the severity of notification. Later, we will also add Discord integration, allowing even more customization to the notifications system!

Significantly Improved System Monitoring, Status Reporting, and Error Checking

This part may not be the most exciting part for you all, but it impacts the team's quality of life immensely and will result in a much better overall experience for the end-user. Since the User Experience has always been our main focus, there were many shortcomings in the area of the administrative daily workload.

In the current system, we only have very basic monitoring and reporting of the status of our service, wallets, and masternodes. Especially now that we're adding dedicated masternodes, this is no longer acceptable. In Evonodes 2.0, we've completely revamped our logging and reporting functionality to be much more effective and much clearer. Making it much easier to manage the daily workload, as well as cut down on the time spent doing so. With Dedicated Masternode Hosting coming at launch, these improvements will carry over to those users that will be hosting their own masternodes as well!

We are also working on implementing several auto-recovery mechanisms, but before we can enable these, we need to test them with real workloads. Thus we will be gradually rolling these out post-launch. More on these coming soon!

The Website Gets a Face Lift

The old website, like the rest of the codebase, wasn't bad at what it was designed for but did not scale along with our plans. The new website has kept most of the old website's design elements, but has been completely rewritten to be more flexible! You will notice a leaner, cleaner, more powerful website, that's compatible with more devices and form factors! As a bonus, a few pages have gotten more than just a facelift, but we will leave those for you all to discover on your own!

Next year, after we have had the time to implement many of the new features we have planned, we will be doing a complete redesign of the website from the ground up! This redesign will be equally as game-changing as the framework it is built upon, redefining the industry standards!

The Unified Core

Currently, all of our services are completely separate platforms, built on completely separate codebases. However, both services, (and one not-yet-announced service), work with a lot of the same data. Without getting into a bunch of boring technical details, all of these services could greatly benefit from having more seamless access to each other's public data.

To sum everything all up, what we have built with 2.0, is a brand new unified core for all of our current and future services. All of these services will use this Unified Core as sort of a "main hub." The Unified Core will share all publicly available cryptocurrency-related data between all of our current and future applications. This, of course, only applies to the sharing of information on cryptocurrencies and projects, and does not include sharing of personal/user data! All other application-specific data will remain accessible to the specific application only, and we, naturally, will never share user data between our services, without explicit user consent of course.

What does this mean for you? Big overall improvements to all of the services (or modules) that we build and plug into this new Unified Core. As well as faster development and deployment of services and features. For now, this is just Evonodes 2.0, but My Crypto Stats 2.0 and others will follow soon enough!

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more updates as we get closer to launch!


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