Shrubs - A New Gas Efficient Privacy Protocol

By Marek Olszewski, Eran Tromer, Alexander Vlasov, Alex Gluchowski

ERC20 tokens that offer high levels of privacy to their users have been a longtime goal in the Ethereum ecosystem. To implement a privacy protocol that offers very strong privacy guarantees such as those of Zcash, it's necessary to maintain a large Merkle tree of commitments. Unfortunately, doing so in a smart contract can be expensive. For example, to support the same number of total transactions as Zerocash (2^64), one would require a tree depth of 64, and thus 64 storage updates per transaction, which is prohibitively expensive gas-wise.

In this work, we introduce a new Merkle tree variant, which is defined not by the root, but by the path to the rightmost non-empty leaf node (or frontier), in a tree filled from left to right. This allows commitments to be inserted with O(1) amortized updates, at the expense of a slightly more complicated zk-SNARK proof, used to prove that the commitment is in the tree.

We used this new data structure to create ShrubsToken, a new gas-efficient privacy token, with Zcash-like privacy. Based on our experiments, we estimate that Shrubs will use around 500,000 gas per transaction, after the next Ethereum hard fork.

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