Funding as Medium and Message: How We Get Capital and Its Influence on #BUIDL

By Paul Kohlhaas

Access to capital is likely one of the most fundamental tools to #BUIDL anything. But do we ever think of funding as a core tool and the implications that it has? And how does our choice of funding affect our message? Funding has many sources, both centralised and decentralised, and many legal implications. And funding strongly affects incentives, human behaviour, how we communicate and collaborate with a community.

This workshop will explore a topic that often feels taboo: namely how and why we obtain funding and what it means in a decentralized world. We will explore centralised funding (equity), non-profit funding (grants), decentralised funding (tokens), continuous funding (DAOs and bonding curves) and many more. More importantly, though, we explore what teams and developers should be aware of when looking for funding decentralized solutions, educating attendees on what sources are available in the Ethereum ecosystem, and what philosophical and behavioural implications funding actually has.

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