Creative Constraints for Dapp Development by Ann Kilzer

Can the challenges of blockchain development — gas limitations, storage scarcity, and decentralized computation — create conditions for creative DApp development? Are the parts of Solidity that often confound developers actually starting points for creative thinking?

20 minutes: Survey of Creative and Whimsical DApps

We will review games and whimsical DApps, from CryptoZombies and CryptoKitties, ERC721 collectables, to some of my personal projects, including a fruit-backed cryptocurrency, and a blockchain treasure hunt.

20 minutes: DApp Idea Generation

We will brainstorm how to make fun and whimsical DApps. The room will break into small teams and draw random cards as idea prompts. One set of cards will contain Solidity features, others will contain game types and themes.

80 minutes: Build-a-long

The next 80 minutes will be a hands-on DApp build-a-long of a Japanese-style treasure hunt known as a “Stamp Rally” in Solidity. (Sample code: Participants will build key parts of the app in Remix, and interact with a publicly hosted version of the UI. If participants want to continue learning and experimenting afterwards, there will be extensions in the repo. My goal is to show participants that blockchain development can be fun, creative, and approachable.

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