Blockchain & The Law: Interfacing the Rule of Law and the Rule of Code (Devcon5)

By Silke Noa Elrifai , Kei Kreutler, Maria Gomez, Constance Choi, Fennie Wang, Rick Dudley

This panel will feature prominent members of the COALA community ( It will address the work that is currently being undertaken at COALA, with regard to interfacing the blockchain world with the physical and legal world. It will focus in particular on the notion of "alegality" and how we can create legal APIs, techno-legal tools, and new model legal frameworks for DAOs in order to help blockchain-based systems interact with natural and legal persons. It will also discuss the need for legal reforms in order to accommodate the new opportunities provided by blockchain technology, and how the notion of "functional equivalence" can be used as a means to rely on blockchain technology as a "regulatory technology" in order to achieve similar regulatory or policy objectives.

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