NiceHash Has Repaid 60% of Stolen Bitcoins (BTC)

NiceHash Has Repaid 60% of Stolen Bitcoins (BTC)

NiceHash, the Slovenian bitcoin mining marketplace and cloud mining service provider, has repaid to its clients around 60% of the about 4,700 Bitcoins (BTC) stolen in December, when the platform was hacked.

According to a report by Slovenian news agency STA, quoting the Ljubljana police, the investigation of the cybercrime continues and is involving international cooperation, which may prolong the query.

“Information gathering and other activities are still underway and carried out with the help of international legal collaboration,” the police said in a press release quoted by STA.

NiceHash, which claims to be the largest crypto mining marketplace, serving as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of hashpower, was hacked last December. The perpetrators made off with around 4,700 Bitcoins, which, at the peak prices at that time were worth around $64 million.

Two weeks later NiceHash was up and running again and pledged to return the stolen funds to its clients in monthly instalments. The reimbursement program started on February 2.

“All users will be fully reimbursed, at the same time and under the same conditions,” NiceHash had said. “Every new part of the reimbursement program will be announced in advance and users are able to monitor repayment progress. If any user notices he had not received any respective payment, such user should immediately notify NiceHash in order to receive such payment. The old balance will be repaid in Bitcoins (BTC) and not in the fiat value or any other cryptocurrency.”

While at the time of the hack Bitcoin prices were at their peak, reaching nearly $20,000, BTC now trades at around $7,000.

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