Blockchain Programmer Runs Full Bitcoin Node on a Tesla

Blockchain Programmer Runs Full Bitcoin Node on a Tesla

  • Blockchain programmer Bcoin was able to get a Tesla to operate a full bitcoin node.
  • Some Twitter users pointed out the risks involved in running a node on the electric vehicle. 

A bitcoin programmer recently used an electric Tesla car to run a full bitcoin node. 

Twitter user Bcoin has published a series of videos on Twitter showing a Tesla’s onboard computer system being used to operate a full bitcoin node. 

According to the video, Bcoin was able to get the electric car’s operating system to download bitcoin’s blockchain and run as a fully functional node. 

Downloading full blocks to this @Tesla— bcoin (@Bcoin) January 16, 2020
#Bitcoin full node syncing in the dashboard of a @Tesla!Try it in your Roadster:— bcoin (@Bcoin) January 16, 2020

Bcoin represents a series of crypto projects that seek to find novel implementations for bitcoin node operation, such as downloading BTC’s blockchain onto a Tesla. 

However, some Twitter users were quick to point out the danger in running a node through an operating vehicle. 

Brandy Lee Comacho pointed out that the node could impact the Tesla’s user interface and cause long-term damage to the vehicle’s internal storage system. 

Not a good idea! Two problems...1) Memory & processing concerns that could impact UX2) Wear on internal storage. Honestly, my biggest concern. #Tesla is known to have issues with memory module lifespan due to limited read/write cycles.— Brandy Lee Camacho (@brandylee79) January 17, 2020

Other users were content with appreciating the novelty of Bcoin’s achievement. 

We may not have flying cars, but you can sync the blockchain to your Tesla in 2020— Jaclyn Lenee (@jaclynlenee) January 16, 2020

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