[ANN] WoofCoin / New Coin [WOFC] GPU Mining/PoW

[ANN] WoofCoin / New Coin [WOFC] GPU Mining/PoW

WOOF COINSince the beginning of the pandemic, pet surrendering rates have increased dramatically around the world. Waitlists for surrendering household pets have increased to a remarkable eight months as animal shelters and welfare organisations have seen an increase of 34% for animals needing help.Typically, animal shelters are under resourced and under financed; relying heavily on donations and the volunteer efforts to assist animals.This is where Woof Coin steps in. As avid lovers of dogs, we wanted to make a difference. Using the power of Proof of Work mining, we’ve created a coin where miners are contributing to the donation of money to animal welfare shelters. These shelters initially include the ASPCA who already have a cryptocurrency donation mechanism but with intention to expand to the RSPCA and other organizations suggested by the community.  Our aim is to put animals first and we intend on developing ongoing relationships with pet shelters to help adoption.Coins Specifications21 billion supplyBlock 2,100,000 halving (4 years estimated)Algorithm: KawPOWProof of WorkDownload Links: Windows wallet - https://github.com/Woof-Coin/Woof-Coin/releases/download/Woof-Coin/WoofCoin.zipSocialComing soon!Please reach out if you have any questions  Smiley

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