Nevada Desert Could Be Home To A New Crypto City

Nevada Desert Could Be Home To A New Crypto City

Before there was Las Vegas, there was nothing in Nevada.  It was a huge desert with only tumbleweeds and an arid climate to invite visitors.  Now, Las Vegas is the world’s destination for gambling activity and as much a part of the landscape as the cacti and mountains.  A lawyer in the state is ready to duplicate Sin City’s success and has announced the state’s first cryptocurrency city.

Jeffrey Berns is a consumer protection lawyer and the CEO of Blockchains, LLC.  The company purchased 67,000 acres in northern Nevada earlier this year for $170 million and that land will soon start to take shape as the state’s – and the country’s – first crypto city, Sandbox City.  Berns added that he has already invested $300 million in order to make the dream come true.

The city will be a smart city that uses a decentralized blockchain for all interactions.  There will be “thousands” of residential units, retail stores, an eSports area and a studio designed to allow talent to create their own music, games and films.  It will also offer a high-tech park that brings together blockchains and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and 3D printing.

Berns reportedly made a very successful living as a lawyer focusing on class action suits that were launched against financial services company.  He then used his bank to purchase a large amount of Ethereum, which turned out to be a multimillion-dollar win for the visionary and led to the creation of Blockchain, LLC.

In addition to Sand City, the company also announced that it has purchased two decommissioned military bunkers that will be converted into cold storage for digital assets.  The bunkers are located in the U.S., but their exact locations were not revealed. In addition, the company has purchased two “fortresses” that will be used for cold storage – one in Sweden and the other in Switzerland.

Berns also stated that Blockchain, LLC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NV Energy, a public utility company out of Nevada.  The two will be working on a series of energy projects that are powered by the blockchain.

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