Vitalik Buterin Heads Towards Billionaire Club

Vitalik Buterin Heads Towards Billionaire Club

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin is not far off from becoming a billionaire with his estimated net worth rising to circa $700 million.

His biggest chunk of wealth is by far in ethereum, with blockchain data showing he currently holds at least 333,520 eth.

That’s down from 350,000 eth in December 2019 with Buterin selling about ◊5,000 on February the 9th 2020 when the price was $220 and another circa ◊10,000 on the 1st of August 2020 at the price of about $400.

His remaining eth are currently worth $618 million, with Buterin having previously sold an estimated total of $50 million.

Another address has circa $5 million worth in total of mostly tokens, bringing it to a combined estimate of $700 million.

That makes him one of the richest man under 30, with the 27 year old traveling constantly around the globe prior to the pandemic.

Thus how much of his fiated $50 million is left, is unclear. Just as it is unclear whether he plans to fiat any of his eth and/or when.

His addresses are closely watched however with their movements previously significantly affecting the price, not least because he usually sold the top.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) also basically sold the top previously, with it currently having 430,340 eth, worth about $800 million.

That’s a lot of funds to fund ethereum’s development, with the Ethereum Foundation moving 100,000 eth in December 2020 and another circa 30,000 eth this month.

That 100,000 eth went to Kraken, maybe to stake there, with the 30,000 eth also seemingly going to the exchange.

If they staked it, then that should ensure some stable income for the foundation as it too nears $1 billion in assets.

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