GrayScale Buys $300 Million Bitcoin

GrayScale Buys $300 Million Bitcoin

GrayScale has bought another $300 million worth of bitcoin yesterday, the company said, bringing their total assets under management to $16 billion.

Some 12,300 bitcoin was added to their holdings yesterday, bringing it to a total of 589,000 bitcoins.

The company further announced “its largest ever quarterly inflows, over $1.0 billion in 3Q20, making it the third consecutive record-breaking quarter.”

Some $2.5 billion has been invested this year in their stock traded products, with the company pausing new clients, but their current ones seem to be buying more.

As you might know GrayScale has a somewhat complex process whereby their GBTC and ETHE shares can be freely bought and sold on the OTC Markets.

However, to ‘mint’ such shares one has to be an accredited investor, and then they must hold for six months in the case of GrayScale products.

These 12,300 new bitcoins are ‘minted’ stock shares by these sophisticated investors, who after six months can freely sell them on the market.

Meaning for at least six months these coins are practically taken out of circulation, making these not just purchases, but holders purchases.

Institutional investors thinking of diversifying into bitcoin or eth are further choosing GrayScale so as to not deal with custody and the rest.

Making this inflow of funds not just a buy pressure, but also a taking out of supply for some months.

This inflow also seems to be increasing as yesterday’s purchase is higher than all of last week as pictured above in the graph by Kevin Rooke.

All suggesting accredited investors are accumulating to hedge against the devaluing dollar ahead of $600 checks raining on all Americans as soon as next week.

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