Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs Increase to $43.9 Billion

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs Increase to $43.9 Billion

Stock investors have been accumulating this February according to the latest data by CryptoCompare.

They reveal bitcoin and ethereum assets under management (AUM) across all exchange traded products (ETPs) increased by 50% this month to $43.9 billion.

Trading volumes fell however by an average of 37.8% in February 2021 compared to January 2021. Average daily volumes now stand at $936mn compared to $1.51bn in the previous month.

A number of such stock traded bitcoin products have crossed $1 billion in holdings. That includes QBTC in Canada and BTCetc in Germany.

Stock traded holders now amount to less than 5% of bitcoin’s and ethereum’s market cap, with it to be seen how that may change in the future.

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