400 Million Apple Pay Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum

400 Million Apple Pay Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum

A bitcoin crypto wallet has integrated Apple Pay, opening the door to 383 million users to buy bitcoin with just one click.

“Now you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins in Lumi Wallet with Apple Pay. We are happy to announce the new iOS release that allows users to buy crypto right within the wallet app in just one click,” the crypto wallet said.

The process is as simple as clicking buy, entering the amount, to then just choose Apple Pay.

As Apple Pay deals with AML and KYC, the crypto wallet does not need any further onboarding, making it a seamless integration.

We asked for further details and will update once received by Lumi, a non-custodian crypto wallet that launched in 2017 and already has surpassed 750,000 users.

There were rumors recently that Coinbase might announce some sort of integration with Apple Pay following PayPal’s rolling out of bitcoin buying.

These rumors remain unconfirmed, but this announcement by Lumi adds credence as Apple may open their Pay wallet to all providers on their App store.

Apple Pay is said to account for 5% of all global card transactions and is projected to grow to 10% by 2025.

That makes this one of the fastest growing payment method after launching in 2014, with it now usable to buy bitcoin, ethereum, as well as many other cryptos available on Lumi and soon perhaps on other wallets too.

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