Dead ICO series, ZenithCoin not trading on any exchanges

Dead ICO series, ZenithCoin not trading on any exchanges

Howdy Sean Vanian here with dead ICO series, here we list a series of coins, then will do an investigative study, where we chart all activity from launch to demise.  Zenith Coin was established in 2013, it isn’t exchanging on any trades. ZenithCoin was added to the dead coins list due to being Abandoned or No Volume. Author/CEO is Unknown.

“From ZenithCoin Website” ZenithCoin is another trial elective digital money that is intended to address the inadequacies of existing currencites. Ordinary cryptographic forms of money comprise of just two sorts of on-screen characters, Users and Miners. The objective of ZenithCoin is to explore different avenues regarding new creative entertainers that can upgrade the utility of the system.

uhh, ok, I guess great ICO to start with, more shocked they raised money than they failed.

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