OKEx Adds Euro Trading Market for Its Token OKB

OKEx Adds Euro Trading Market for Its Token OKB

“OKB is entering the third year in maturing its ecosystem. Listed on Bitlocus, such collaboration has unlocked our achievement to introduce OKB to European market. Moving forward, we will work our best to expand the OKB ecosystem and continue to build further. We believe the future of OKB could be beyond your imagination,” said Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx.

In recent months, the OKB ecosystem has been taking shape fast into a global token economy.

Currently, OKEx has partnered with 25 partners worldwide to enable users to redeem with OKB a plethora of products and services, for example, hotel booking, online shopping, mobile top-up, cybersecurity services, and decentralized finance (DeFi) services, to name a few.

OKEx also offers a range of OKB-exclusive privileges for OKB holders, including greater trading fee discounts and higher subscription limit in OKEx Jumpstart token sales.

On the other hand, the 6th OKB buy-back and burn was carried out to offsetting its inflation and consolidating its value. This time, 5,945,273.91 OKB was burnt while 13,978,364.45 OKB has been bought-back and burnt since May 4, 2019, which is 4.7% of the total circulating amount.

Thanks to the above actions, OKB has been going strong in the secondary market. According to AMBCrypto, OKB achieved the highest ROI of 386% in 2019, compared to 147% of Binance’s BNB and 180% of Huobi’s HT.

About OKEx

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange headquartered in Malta, offering comprehensive digital assets trading services including token trading, futures trading, perpetual swap trading and index tracker to global traders with blockchain technology. Currently, the exchange offers over 400 token and futures trading pairs enabling users to optimize their strategies.

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