Feature-Rich Digital Assets Trading Platform ZG.com Brings A Host Of Benefits To End Users

Feature-Rich Digital Assets Trading Platform ZG.com Brings A Host Of Benefits To End Users

According to the developers, their digital assets trading system can process about five million orders per second, which is higher than the order processing capacity of many competitor systems. In addition to that, the system ensures zero delay or latency during the process.

ZG.com has embraced the multi-cluster, multi-layer trading system structure. This type of structural design can optimize the security, performance, scalability and reliability of the entire trading system. In this structure, system stoppage is not needed when deploying any type of functions or during the seasonal update to advanced versions. This kind of structure ensures the best trading experience for the end users who often worry about system security problems. The problems have been fixed at the kernel level, which has again reduced the cost of hardware upgrade or manpower reinforcement.

The trading platform now supports a broad range of digital assets trading model, including but not limited to leverage, spot, loans, futures trading, cryptocurrency custodianship and so on. In addition to that, the platform supports tokens that have very high circulation volumes, and the developers maintained that more of this type of currencies would be added soon to the list of supported coins. As of now, the trading platform supports BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, and ZG, among other coins. They also added that transactions can be made in more than hundred currencies and more currencies and languages would be added soon. ZG.com is also going to add a new and innovative feature – Altcoin Swap Contract Trade. The company took the global initiative to create the trading system that changes its position in alignment with Bitcoin price index and takes Altcoin as the trading margin. It comes with a number of innovative features, including system safety guarantee, risk mitigation and analytics.

About the Company

ZG.com is a digital assets trading platform owned by a startup of the same name, headquartered in Singapore.

To know more about the company, visit https://www.zg.com/

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