Craig Wright Refuses to Share Key Documents in Court

Craig Wright Refuses to Share Key Documents in Court

Furthermore, Wright contends that, under Australian law, he is still connected to the companies through his obligation to preserve their records. This gives him the authority to claim privilege of those records on behalf of the companies, he says.

Hence, producing the documents would require Wright to break Australian law, putting him in an ‘untenable position’. Either One Or The Other Kleiman has previously accused Wright of double-standards, in using the defunct companies as a both a sword (when asserting privileges) and a shield (“disavowing any control over those companies when it suits his interest”). It is also interesting to note that Wright is incredibly protective over these specific documents, yet has intentionally spammed the plaintiff with over 20,000 unlabelled documents just days before a discovery deadline. Craig Wright Should Drop the Act This is just the latest update to a case that has taken so many twists and turns over the last year that it can seemingly get no more bizarre. Unless… Wright, of course, wouldn’t be having to devote so much of his time to legal matters if he hadn’t chosen to ‘out’ himself as Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, if it wasn’t for his success in the McCormack case hinging on him actually being Satoshi Nakamoto, then most of his legal troubles would go away if he just dropped the act now. Although, he’s also perfectly able to walk away from the McCormack case, which he initiated, and live life as a free man again. Just something to bear in mind. What do you make of the latest Craig Wright lawsuit updates? Add your thoughts below!

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