Why VPNs work well with cryptocurrencies

Why VPNs work well with cryptocurrencies

While the blockchain technology has safety as its core principle, this does not mean that the ultimate user is immune from any kind of online threats. In fact, when dealing with such technologies, the user is vulnerable due to the possibility of:

  • direct hacker attacks (stolen passwords, files with financial data, etc);
  • standalone viruses triggered by users,
  • Trojans,
  • ISP data leakage, or ISP intrusions,
  • phishing attempts.

The necessity to ensure a decent protection at this level can be solved by VPNs; there are a lot of websites that provide a great and concise overview about the benefits and the functioning principles behind a VPN and the key features for taking maximum advantage of the technology.

One important aspect about cryptocurrencies is that they are a competing monetary paradigm to the national currencies, hence, states all over the world do not particularly like them (chiefly for the inability to scrutinize and control them). Although today Bitcoin is not illegal, tomorrow it might become so and with such changes, the importance of security solutions like VPNs might skyrocket overnight.

The Reverse Relationship

Using a VPN together with a cryptocurrency can ensure complete anonymity of an Internet user. If a person is particularly concerned about his online safety, he or she might opt for a VPN provider that sells subscriptions not only in traditional currencies but also in Bitcoins. Thus, instead of letting the banks know the financial details about the person and the transaction, one could gain complete anonymity by paying with cryptocurrencies – after all this is what a VPN stands for. The situation described here is particularly relevant to the state of affairs in countries with either authoritarian regimes or strict censorship policies.

Choosing a VPN provider

To choose a VPN provider smartly, one needs to explore the variety of features offered by some top players on the market. There are a lot of sites, where one could build the necessary literacy skills with regard to the technology and the market and ultimately choose a suitable provider.

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