Studio for dApps and Startups Launched by Ethereum Classic

Studio for dApps and Startups Launched by Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic Studio will also offer technical expertise for managing all sorts of crypto-based crowdfunding, and help projects that are interested in launching and marketing their product on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

The Studio was developed to allow startups, DLT projects and established businesses to access the benefits offered by the Ethereum Classic network.

At the start of the year, Ethereum Classic suffered 51 percent attack in which $1 million worth of ETC was double-spent. All ETC transactions were subsequently temporarily halted don many exchanges.

Surprisingly, the network did not receive a major backlash from the community, bouncing back quite nicely after it updated its security code.

According to the ETC team, the Ethereum Classic blockchain has become of great interest to professional developers looking to launch decentralized applications.

We are excited to offer our technical and marketing experts to the growing community of devs and businesses building on Ethereum Classic,” stated Terry Culver, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs.

“With the dedicated developers in our Core group along with our funding and mentorship programs in our Accelerate group, Studio brings it all together to continue to mature the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.”

ETC Labs revealed on January 15, 2019, the core development team which will be overseeing the tools necessary for the optimal function of Ethereum Classic –based projects.

The Ethereum Classic Labs Studio is up and running, and startups or projects that decide to use Studio will also be able to access Ethereum Classic’s Labs Core and Accelerate.

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