Simplicity and Service at the Core of Newly Launched BiKi Mining Pool

Simplicity and Service at the Core of Newly Launched BiKi Mining Pool

The young exchange is choosing to enter the market at this time for good reason: New tech solutions on the scene means that BiKi can now implement solutions to counter traditional PoS mining pain points.

To obtain financial incentives or income through asset pledging to PoS projects is the essence of traditional PoS mining. There are pain points though that have proven to be challenging, namely:

  1. Meeting certain thresholds for participating in PoS mining;
  2. Lock-in periods before users can be released from the pledge;
  3. Complicated and varied operations unique to the various projects.

Hence when users have multiple PoS certificates, managing them all could prove to be challenging.

Compared to traditional PoS mining, simplicity and service are at the core of the BiKi user interface:

  1. Staking operations require users to simply hold digital currency in their BiKi accounts;
  2. To lock a position, user just needs to select the “lock staking” option on the BiKi Mining Pool page. If the user selects the “HODL staking” option, not only will the service not lock the user’s digital certificate, the digital certificate can also be traded or replenished at any time.
  3. The license system in the account can also be directly used as the PoS basic resource through the authorization platform.
  4. Does not charge any fees for user’s pledge

For the first phase, PoS Staking and wealth management are for mainstream, platform and popular currencies. The mainstream currencies included are BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and the BIKI platform currency. Popular project VDS has also been selected. Compared to other exchanges, BiKi’s annualized returns of 20% from its mining pool is currently the highest in the market, with the next highest at only 12.7%.

By Ceecee Wong

Blockchain: 0x93bac665562d9fbf9ede3e9c7db995412ba060cde45ea3287a20b5aea9178905

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