Obtained the SEC filing, Vtoken is back to Times Square again

Obtained the SEC filing, Vtoken is back to Times Square again

“The birth of blockchain was legendary, and it has triggered a series of products: digital currency, smart contracts, distributed governance, and others, which have inspired financial and social changes in the global field.” Due to the characteristics of disintermediation, openness, non-tampering, and programmability, blockchain has attracted the attention of Wall Street in the United States.

In just a few years, the venture capital of the top 10 leading start ups in the field of blockchain in the United States alone have exceeded billions of dollars in value, and China is also experiencing the blockchain revolution. As the world’s largest decentralized exchange, Vtoken leads the trend in the application field of blockchain technology.

Decentralized trading community and global quality public chain incubators, the complete underlying chain technology development and industry application development capabilities, international top team creates a clear logic of the value of growth and return on investment, they jointly created a Vtoken exchange, VPC Platform coins, and Paydex digital payment as the core, a systematic application ecosystem including receiving, transfers, fiat transactions, top ups, withdraws, currency votes, STO gateways, crowd funding, finance, public welfare, games, and shopping malls. Among them, the planning of a shopping mall, V capital, V finance, V public welfare, and V game indicates the direction for the future.

In the future, Vtoken will make every effort to create decentralized exchanges and digital asset security stewards for global users, realize the innovation of ecosystem, and meet all demands and infinite imagination of users in the blockchain ecosystem. The NASDAQ screen, which represents success and wealth, has always been the show field of the world’s top companies.

Vtoken takes this opportunity to realize brand endorsement and will accumulate more high-quality resources and a large number of loyal users for future ecological improvement.

Website: www.Paydex.io

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