Maya Preferred 223 Split Draws to a Close One Month Early

Maya Preferred 223 Split Draws to a Close One Month Early

On August 29, 2019, U.K. Financial Ltd., the company that owns Maya Preferred 223, announced the end of the split on their Twitter account, thereby closing the buying opportunity. Maya Preferred 223 will end the forward split program at the close of business on August 30, 2019. After re-opening, Maya Preferred’s monetary value will not be regulated.

Each Maya Preferred 223 is backed by $34,000 in gold and silver, and the forward split did not affect the amount of assets backing each coin.

In a statement regarding the end of the split, U.K. Financial Ltd. CEO James Dahlke had this to say: “Now is the perfect time to buy MAPR, as the company is entering a new era with major financing contracts that have already been signed. The holders who trusted us with their investments will reap the rewards when the coin’s price climbs back to its original high price of $25,000. The split is another step in our market consolidation strategy alongside backing Bitcoin with gold and silver and acquiring over 51% control of Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) tokens.”

UK Financial Ltd. has been active as of late. Its recent ​Digital Fantasy Sports acquisition comes after the company made waves in the crypto world by announcing their independent backing of Bitcoin. In order to stabilize the original cryptocurrency, 21 million MAPRs — an amount equal in value to the total amount of Bitcoin — were transferred to an escrow account by UK Financial.

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR)​ is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s ERC-23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. It i​s backed by $34,000 per token in gold and silver from 11 gold and silver mines in Mexico.​M​APR is currently traded on two crypto exchanges, FatBTC and Cat.ex.


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