House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

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The offered starter kit includes a booklet with a comprehensive but easy to understand introduction to Bitcoin, a hardware wallet from Ledger and a bitcoin gift card with 15 euros worth of digital cash. The company also sells what it calls “bitcoin securities” that look like paper wallets with a bitcoin address and the corresponding private key.

The House of Nakamoto was established in early 2017 in Vienna, another popular European tourist destination. Its main store is located in a busy shopping area of the Austrian capital. It’s advertised as a “retail store for bitcoin,” but the people behind the project say cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts can use it to meet up and exchange views, ideas and knowledge.

Both offices are equipped with cryptocurrency teller machines. The BATM in the store on 2 Führichgasse Street in Vienna is a buy-only device that supports bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), dash (DASH), and litecoin (LTC) with a daily limit of 15,000 euros, 5,000 per transaction. The one on Amsterdam’s 3 Oude Spiegelstraat is a two-way device that offers purchases and sales of the same cryptocurrencies and with the same limits.

The Dutch capital is a popular destination, not only among tourists but cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well. Holland’s largest city, which is a leading financial center and home of the oldest stock exchange in Europe, is also famous for the Bitcoin Embassy which opened in 2014. It organizes cryptocurrency conferences, various other events and informal meetings of the crypto community. The venue welcomes cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Cryptocurrencies enjoy growing popularity in a country where the fintech industry, including crowdfunding through coin offerings, is not heavily regulated. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition, which unites over 20 organizations, has announced it’s working on proposals for a comprehensive regulatory framework, while the country’s financial markets regulator has called for adopting common European rules.

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Images courtesy of the House of Nakamoto.

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