EOSBet.io Gets a New Look, Adds Support for BCH, and Rewards Free BET Tokens for New Sign-Ups

EOSBet.io Gets a New Look, Adds Support for BCH, and Rewards Free BET Tokens for New Sign-Ups

As the first decentralized EOS-based cryptocurrency casino which offers provably fair games, EOSBet continues to ramp-up on platform features to bring about a better gaming experience for its users and in the process aims to increase its overall impact on both the cryptocurrency and gambling industry. The new website, with its sleek design, will encourage both new and old users to engage more intuitively with the platform.

Integrating BCH Deposits

EOSBet now supports deposits in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), adding to the BTC, EOS, and LTC deposits already supported by the website. Bitcoin Cash, as an altcoin forked off Bitcoin, has garnered the support of a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and currently trades on 364 markets having a cumulative 24-hour trading volume up north of $1.9 billion USD.

This initiative will, therefore, leverage the performance of the BCH coin to promote the EOSBet ecosystem, as it will grant the platform the seamless exposure to a new market, as well as the expansion of its current user base – which currently stands at over 5,000 players; to now include casino gamers that are exclusive supporters of the Bitcoin Cash altcoin.

Free BET Tokens for New Users

In celebration of the launch of the new website, EOSBet.io is offering new users the opportunity to earn free BET tokens when they create a new account on the website. Each new sign up will be rewarded with free 5 BET tokens upon the completion of the requirements for the signup process.

New users must complete the following requirements needed to earn the 5 free BET tokens:

Place 5 demo bets: New users will be able to interact with the demo game by placing 5 demo bets. This way, they would have a feel of how the game runs and experience first without paying real money.

Learn about dividends: BET tokens allows the users to earn dividends for life on the EOSBet platform. The dividends come from a portion of the casino’s profits. The rewards can be claimed per second depending on whether the payout amount meets the minimum requirement.

Create EOSBet Account: The account to be created on EOSBet.io is a decentralized account, meaning the users are in full control of the wallet, as well as the funds in them. With a simple process involving a username and saving the recovery password, a new user account is set up.

Deposit at least $75 USD in either BTC or LTC: The next step involves the deposit of $75 USD in either BTC or LTC only, from which the user can place bets while playing the games.

Place $75 USD total Bets: The last step required to earn free 5 BET tokens involves gameplay on with real bets totaling $75 USD. Once the steps are completed, the new user will be rewarded with 5 BET tokens.

EOSBet.io BET Token

Participating in promotions such as this has been one of the unique ways of earning the platform’s native cryptocurrency, BET. Holders of the BET token holders are assured of a lifetime of earning dividends paid out from profits generated by the platform, thereby creating a unique utility for the token.

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