Blockchain vs Facebook/Linkedin – a one-sided fight?

Blockchain vs Facebook/Linkedin – a one-sided fight?

The goal of the Ubikiri network is to be a global platform for legally binding agreements. This includes contracts, license agreements, payments and legally important information.

In terms of a users legal identification and their obligations, our platform is more than capable of filling this gap for serious business. Also, we designed this platform so that users could easily interact with each other on one user-friendly interface. 

For sure, there are many platforms for friendly chatter. Facebook is one of the best known social media platforms with a user base of over two billion people. We can say the same about Linkedin. However, they still lack the ability to operate effectively with legal material. There are many reasons for this, such as long distances, different law jurisdictions, and more importantly, uncertainty about the person you are interacting with. 

All of this makes Facebook and Linkedin infeasible platforms for use in serious business as they are not suitable for business level communication. In reality our user interface is the only thing we have common in with Facebook/Linkedin. With Ubikiri, in just a few clicks, you can do a full background check on your contractor and proceed with a transaction/deal. Not something offered by your standard social network. 

Of course, our platform is DLT-based. It is decentralized, and every transaction is timestamped and immutable.

The end goal is to have a versatile online tool to facilitate all sorts of legal interactions between private individuals, businesses, and governments.

It doesn’t matter who you are. A simple user, a small local enterprise, a huge corporation, the prime minister of China, or a member of our developer team. The rules are equal for everyone. Because of the decentralized nature of our ecosystem, your reputation is the only thing that matters. Your reputation will consist of a legally defined profile and a history of your legal interactions. In Ubikiri, this information can be shared by sending a cryptographic key to your desired counterparty. The signature associated with this key is your digital signature that you can use to signify your active legal consent.

You can’t hide in disguise as a scammer or use a botnet on our platform, as in both cases the offending party will be unable to get through the identification procedure. 

In the digital world, the internet incorporates environments for both fun and business. Where fun environments are more casual in nature, business environments have a strong requirement to identify the real people involved in each transaction, something which can be difficult online. 

Ubikiri is the solution to this problem.

P.S. A quick reminder – our Presale is still ongoing, but it can end in any moment. Check out this page – and join our blockchain revolution in its early stages! 

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